All dual enrollment courses are available at a reduced rate for high school students.

Earn college credit in high school


高中生可以在mg游戏网站的双重招生计划中根据高等教育招生选择法案注册课程. 通过双录取获得的学分可以同时适用于高中和大学. 

      Why dual enroll?

      • 体验大学生活,确保高中到大学的平稳过渡.
      • Get tuition at an 80% savings or even free! Your high school may pay 100%.

        Two easy steps to dual enroll

        Are you ready to register in a dual enrollment class? Great! It's as simple as following the two steps below.

        1. Apply for Admission

        Tips for submitting your dual enrollment application:

        • 选择普通入学申请和高中双录取申请
        • Have counselor's name, parent's name and email address
        • Research the course you'd like to take (View recommended courses)
        • Double check your semester start date  

        2. Receive authorization from your parent

        • When you submit your application, 批准表格将直接发送给你的父母或辅导员(在你的申请中列出). 这个批准是mg游戏登录网站为您办理注册手续的必要条件.
        • Confirm authorization form was received by parent or counselor
        • After approval, 您将注册课程,并将收到mg游戏登录网站双注册招生团队的确认信息.